My Recent Work

Centre Radio REST API

I was technical lead for the creation of Centre Radio's REST API. This allows both internal and external applications to access data through a sane and structured JSON interface, and a new level of interactivity for clients.

The API uses a PHP backend to provide web services via reflection and a strict interface, and mod_rewrite for object routing.

Centre Buzz

I was lead architect and developer for the creation of Centre Buzz. Centre Buzz is a multi-platform aggregator for retailer content, with scheduling and delivery over web and social media, allowing teams with low resources to get relevant content to where it's needed with minimum effort.

Centre Buzz is a high-volume SaaS application with a very tightly optimised database layer, allowing fast and easy management of massive volumes of content. The main app was developed in PHP, with a clustered dispatching back-end with message passing via JSON. Seperate apps were developed for Facebook and Twitter integrations, as well as a sensible class interface for integration into further platforms. The UX was implemented using JQuery.


The Centre Radio music and messaging player, allowing full scheduling of music and messages for retailer and other shopping environments. I was technical lead on porting the application from VB.NET to Python on Linux, allowing the company to increase reliability whilst reducing costs across the board.

CIMMP is a multi-threaded Python application, using GStreamer for audio output and SQLite for local storage. Communication with the scheduling back-end is via JSON, and the player is capable of working either on or offline.

Pure360 Platform Modernisation

I was Senior Engineer at Pure360 during a revolutionary period of infrastructure modernisation for the business. My team worked on the design and implementation of a new full-lifecycle software engineering process, using Thoughtworks Go server, Travis CI and Ansible to reduce release times by an order of magnitude, ensure correctness verification for all releases, and automate deployment of the stack for disposable QA and performance testing environments.

The experience proved to me that my passion lies on the bleeding-edge of infrastructure orchestration and DevOps, and I haven't looked back since.